Sorry I havent written in a while!  I started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and I couldnt put the book down until I finished it!  I spent about 10 days in Norway.  Next time I would want to spend more.  It is a very relaxing and beautiful place.  One of the days Gaels family and I went to a few museums.  We first went to this house museum where you got to see all the old houses in Norway.  It was really interesting to learn about.  After we went to the Vikings museum.  There were 3 big viking ships!  It was so cool because I had never seen one in person!  Once we finished that we went to this cute restaurant where you could also buy furniture if you wish.  Another day Gael and I went to this other museum.  It was a museum about how Norway was the first to make it to the south pole.  We got to go on the ship and everything.

For food, I went to McDonalds to see what they had.  They had something called the chicken salsa sandwich.  It had tortilla chips and some sort of sauce on it.  Gaels friends were amazed that they didnt have it in the United  There were carrots, more chicken wings, and some other sandwich that I cant remember 🙂  I also had gelato for the first time, which I am inlove with!!  I had a kebab which I believe I wrote about already.  His mom made this seafood salad too.  It had baby shrimp, crab sticks, tuna, egg, potato, peas, and green olives…it was delicious!  It was weird going from the eating schedule in Spain to the eating schedule in Norway.  In spain you eat at around 10 pm and in Norway you at at 5 pm.

Gael played soccer with his team there, so while he did that I worked out at the little gym they have there.  When I was done I was able to go out and sit on the bench and watch because Gaels dad is the coach :p

OH! The candy in Norway is so good too!  Especially the chocolate, way better than the United States!  What else… we went to an ice bar!  That was extremely cool because everything was ice.  The walls, tables, chairs, even your cups!  It was an awesome experience for sure.  Aparently there is an ice hotel too, but in Sweden I think :p  We played cards at night with his parents.  A game called the american.  I actually was pretty good at it, maybe because im american 😉  We also watched a lot of soccer because of the Eurocup.  We went to the ski jump too!  It was so BIG!!!  We were able to go up to the top and look at it all.  I would definitly never do it.haha

Also, the price of living in Norway is crazy!  For example, to get a salad from TGI Fridays it is 30 dollars.  If you live there and make the slary then it isnt too bad, but if you are visiting from a different country you would definitly have to start saving early!I´m sure there are things im forgetting about Norway, so if I remember I will post more!