Saturday we didn’t really do much in Norway. It rained and I think Gael and I needed a day of nothing after the crazy days in Paris!
Sunday we went to watch Gaels little brothers soccer game. He is 5 years old so it wasn’t anything intense! Lol but it was really fun to watch. One of the kids started to read the newspaper in the middle of the field when he was supposed to be playing! Haha then a little later we went to watch gaels old soccer team play! His dad used to be a professional soccer player and is now the coach of Gaels team. They were soo good! Scored 5 goals in the first half, I was amazed! The soccer is so much better than in the US. It was just a really good game. I met all of Gaels friends there too. They were all very nice and welcoming! After, Gael me and Gaels friend Alvin went to get a kebab! Lol. They put a pita in a bowl shape and put lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onion, corn, chicken, and sauce. It’s Gaels favorite and it tasted so yummy! 🙂 They have a lot of small places around the city to get Kebabs! After we went to a girls soccer game for 20 minutes and then to one of his friends houses to watch another soccer game in the euro cup! It was a soccer filled day for sure :p All of his friends are really nice and they speak English very well which is nice! They were talking about all the things they want to do with us! Like go on a boat, go out, take a road trip to sweden, go to the museums! I’m really excited! 🙂 hopefully we get to do some of that before we leave for Spain!