Our plan today was to get to the palace of verailles at 9:00am to avoid the lines, but we woke up at 8:30.lol  It takes 30 minutes to get there on the metro.  We got breakfast at this bakery called Brioche D´or.  We got this pastry that was shaped in a triangle and had sugar on top and rasberry filling inside! It was so good!! We also got another croissant type thing filled with apricots!

After breakfast we went to the Palace of Versailles!  It was so big, and very beautiful!  We didnæt get to see the whole inside of the palace, but we saw certain parts.  For example, the kings room, where they hosted dinners, and more.  We went out to their garden after which is miles and miles long, but it has beautiful landscaping, fountains, and statues such as the famous horse one.

Once we left the palace we went to get some food at this spanish place near by, but it ended up being not good at all and gael got his meal for free.  The chicken was chewy and just not worth the money, so that was disappointing.  We took the metro to Notre Dame and we waited in that hour long line we tried to avoid yesterday.  We thought the tour was going to be in different parts of the church that people don’t see inside, but we ended up having to climb a million stairs just to see yet another view of Paris.lol  Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful!….But I wasn’t feeling the stair climbing.  After going to the top we went inside the church and it was really really pretty!  A lot of stain glass windows and a big alter.

After Gael and I decided we needed a little rest, so we got a foot long sausage sandwich to share while we toured the city more on top of the red bus.  We went around one whole time and saw things like the opera, Orsay Museum, Champs-Elyses, etc. We got out once at the arch.  I saw these two guys dancing in front of a crowd of people.  They had you clap your hands and everything.  I was loving it, but after Gael told me how people who pick pocket sometimes work with other people.  So maybe they had us clap our hands so it would be easier for the people to steal…Just a thought!  I saw the arch there and got on the bus and rode it until Notre Dame.  I got a few souvenirs and got some lemon basil sorbet to share with Gael.

Then we went to this jazz bar that gaels best friends sister works at.  We got some free drinks and listened to a live jazz band.  They were really awesome!  There we 10 people on stage playing a mixture of instruments.  For example, trumpets, saxophone, guitars, piano, drums, singers.  After we went next door to this pizza flat bread place.  It was super thin, crunchy, and so deliciousssss!! 🙂  When we finished, we walked back home and went to sleep!

P.S. Im really sorry for all the spelling errors and missed words.  Im typing fast 🙂