Tuesday morning we left the house to go to the airport in Portugal because that is where the company(Ryanair) flies out of!  I attempted to wear high heels to the airport to create more room in my suit case, but they ended up giving me a bubble on my pinky toe :p Gael and I ordered a panini on the plane because we were starving.  It costed 5 Euros and it came with one piece of ham on it. haha  It was an hour and 50 minute flight and when we got to the airport we had to take an hour long bus ride to Paris, which I was fine with because I slept!  Once we arrived Gael and I took the metro to our apartment.  The apartment was on the top floor and it was the size of my room at home.lol It was veryy old, but we were only sleeping there so its all we needed.  The kitchen was across the hall and the bathroom was down the hall.  It was weird because there were other people living on the floor.

After we got settled in we ate at this fast food restaurant called Quick.  Kinda like McDonalds, but different.  I got a salad that had pears, chicken, and some sort of cheese in it.  We had to find where to pick up our Paris Pass.  The Paris Pass is a pass you have for 2 days, and you get unlimited use of the metro, bus, double decker bus, free entry into all museums, and basically everything that is in the book that is given to you.  We eventually found the place and decided to take a taxi to this church(Sacre-coer I believe its called.)  We got out of the Taxi early because the driver was taking random streets to make more money, so we stopped in front of Moulin Rouge, which was really cool to see!  It costs 100 Euros to see the show though, so we couldn’t do that lol

We walked to rest of the way to the church and it was so beautiful!  It said not to take pictures inside, but I took a few because I wanted to show my dad, but then I felt really bad and deleted them.lol  After looking in the church, we went up on the very top and saw all of Paris.  Unfortunately, The weather was really bad… raining and you couldn’t see much, but it was still very cool!  After we ate at this steak house place because it was the first thing we saw and it was raining. I got chicken fajitas and gael got chicken and potatoes.  So american I know! lol  We then took the Metro back to our apartment, and it was very cold to be summer!

After the first day I was a little scared of Paris because it was very gloomy and some of the people were scary, especially in the metro areas.  I haven’t been in many cities, so it was different than what Im used to.  BUT, I have never seen buildings so beautiful in my life.  Everything there was absolutely incredible!  The detail in each building was incredible!

Will try to continue to write more, I am in Norway now!! 🙂 SO PRETTY!