Yesterday Gael, me, Diego, and Ana went to this Tappas restaurant near Diegos apartment.  We ate spanish omelet, calamari, pork, chicken, and octopus.  I was scared to try the octopus, but it ended tasting pretty good…I just can’t get the picture of an octopus out of my After that we went to see Diegos apartment.  It is about 25 minutes away from Vigo and their jobs are in Vigo, so that is why they don’t stay there right now.  But the apartment is absolutely beautiful with mountain views!  Then we went back to Vigo and watched a soccer game, played wii, did zumba, and attempted insanity but the people next door were getting mad so we had to stop after 3 minutes.

Oh! And I once again failed to wake up before 12:30

Today I woke up at 11!!  I had some breakfast, but then I laid and bed and accidentally fell asleep again 😛 oooops!  After I woke up Gael and I went to the park outside of his house and played on the swings and jungle gym haha  Then we came back to his house and ate lunch.  We had salad[lettuce, tomato, olives, tuna, oil, & balsamic vinegar(never any other dressing)], chicken with zucchini and peppers, and these big mushrooms that I didn’t like because the texture made me want to A little later I went to meet one of gaels uncles and his kids..They were SO cute!  We went to get some food, which was delicious as always.  Spanish omelet, calamari, etc.  After Gaels friend Eva picked us up and we went to one of the coffee places by gaels house!  She was really nice and funny!  It’s now 11:30 at night and gael says we have to go to his other uncles house to print our boarding passes.  So we all go there and the place smells like smoke so bad! And since I was allergic I had my face hanging out the window a lot of the time :p

We are finally back home and I packed my suit case for Paris and am super excited to see another country!! We leave the house at 7am and get to Paris at 1:00pm.  We will be there for 3 nights and we’re renting a studio apartment right in the middle of the city, so I’m very excited! 🙂

Here’s a fun fact:  Almost every singe car in Vigo is a hatch back.  🙂

Love and miss you all!  Will write again once I’m in Norway! Ciao <–It’s what they all say