Today we went to another grocery store.  It’s only for people who have worked at this certain car company, so you need a card to shop there.  I guess Gael’s grandpa worked there so his sister has the card.  Everything in there was really cheap!  We bought different lunch meat there.  It was really good!

After we went to a market in Portugal.  It was a little less than an hour from Gael’s house.  There were tons of clothes, purses, shoes, just things like that!  I tried on some shoes and they were either too small or too big.  I think it’s because the shoes are made very cheap, but there were some cute things.  I didn’t buy I was a little overwhelmed with all of the things, and you’re right dad it is hard to find things for people :p  I tried churros from there, which were delicious!  I also tried homemade donuts, butter bread, and this pastry(pasteis de belem) that is only in Portugal.  It was all really good!!  In the market there was this building with fruits and veggies, but there was also fish.  It smelled soooo bad!! I could only stay in there for a little 😉  It was cool because the market was on water and across the water was Spain!  It’s amazing how you can cross a bridge and be in a different country.

After we left Portugal we went to this bar to meet some of his cousins, aunts and uncles.  They were all really nice and welcoming.  We played foosball and darts.  I WON darts!! I was so surprised, and yes Gael was playing ;P  I think it was just luck though.haha  After that we went to dinner at this place called Gigantes.  They were famous for their burgers.  Its a thin patty, but HUGE!  Gael got the biggest one, so I will post pictures soon!  Finally, we went to this really nice coffee cafe with Gaels family.  I got vanilla tea.  It was good.  There were a lot of different coffee drinks, and it came with a cookie too!  I will bring a few home for everyone to try!  They also gave you a little cup of candy, it was delicious! 🙂  Another busy day!  Hopefully I don’t wake up at 12pm again… ;P