Thursday evening Gael, me, and his sister walked around the city a bit.  It is very beautiful!  There’s more apartments than houses here.  I don’t think I’ve even seen one  There are also no parking garages.  All of the parking is on the street or underground, which I thought was interesting.  There’s also a lot of mountains.  That is something I am enjoying due to the lack of mountains in Florida and Illinois. :p Later in the evening we went to the grocery store.  This is for you mom.. There was no organic section. :p  They don’t really have peanut butter, or a lot of different loafs of bread like in the US.  Theres a ton of cheese too!  So far Ive had fish you had to take all the bones out of, calamari that isn’t sliced, pork spread that you put on toast(Gael’s favorite), spanish peppers, really delicious spanish omelet, and other random things.  Here you eat a little in the morning,  a big meal around 2:00, a snack around 6:00, and then dinner at 10:00 at night!  It’s definitely different than the 7:00 dinner I’m used to!

Yesterday I woke up around 12:45 pm.  I’ve been so tired because I haven’t gotten used to the time change!  We ate lunch, and then Gael, his sister, his best friend, and I went to the mall to exchange Gael’s luggage because the airport ruined it.  His sister Ana also took me in the store with really cute clothes.  Jessica, they have this jacket that is the pretty aqua blue that I like that we see on interest all the time! 🙂  I can’t wait to go back and get a few things!  Then we picked up Ana’s husband Diego and went to a different city about an hour away.  We walked around and had sangria with a sample size spanish omelet, croqueta, and ham and cheese on a slice of bread.

After, we went to this natural hot spring.  It’s called Termas de Outariz.  They are kind of like hot tubs, but with this spring water that is naturally hot!  You had a mountain view also.  It was really cool and relaxing!!  It was 12:30 pm when we left so nothing was open to eat, so we went to McDonalds.  A lot of the things were the same, but also some different things.  There were chicken wings, donuts, muffins, and potato skins!

It’s been really cool seeing all the different things!  Today we are going to a market in Portugal.  I’m going to meet all of his cousins, aunts and uncles today too!  OH!  Also, Ana made me play a game Thursday night.  She gave me a bag full of cut up paper and each one had a spanish name on it.  I had to tape the word to the correct thing in the house.  Once I was finished she gave me some candy 😛  They are really nice and very helpful!  I’m still really shy with speaking spanish, but I’m becoming more comfortable each day.  I miss everyone at home, hope you all are doing good!  XOXO