Yesterday was the longest day of my life.. My first flight started off with this lady who wouldn’t move to the aisle seat next to Gael and I so that this father could sit with his 2 children.  She was supposed to have the window seat on the other side, and the father even showed her his ticket but she didn’t want to move, so it was his 2 children, the lady, the father, gael and then me.  I would have told a flight attendant, but I guess he didn’t want to cause any issues.  She made me so furious because moving would be the polite thing to do!

The 7 hour layover in New York actually went by pretty fast.  I had an interesting experience with the food there.  Gael got chinese food that cost $12 and it tasted so bad!  Then I wanted a drink from Starbucks and they made it with expresso instead of normal coffee, so I gave it to Gael because I wanted to be able to sleep on the plane!  Since I gave the Starbucks to Gael, I went to get a smoothie and it ended up tasting like straight sugar, so I barely drank it.  Then for dinner we went to a sit down restaurant and I wanted to get a salad with chicken and it cost $7 to add chicken to the salad!! haha We both ended up sharing the salad WITHOUT chicken and then got oatmeal from McDonalds! :p  So in simpler words, i’m not eating a lot at an airport again. lol

The flight to Madrid was really long but I tried to sleep a bit.  The Madrid airport is huge!  I felt like a walking zombie because I was so tired.  We arrived in Vigo around 1:30pm (spain time) and then went to meet his sister and her husband.  We all went to eat at gaels grandpas house and we have chicken, spanish omelet, and salad.  It was really good!  The streets and houses are different than the US, but it is very pretty!  We are going to leave soon and walk around some, so Gael and I don’t fall asleep! lol I’m really excited to see all the little coffee shops! 🙂  So far so good, AND no tears yet :p