I wasn’t feeling good yesterday. I had a sore throat and have had an on and off stomach ache the past few days.  I slept a lot yesterday hoping it would make me get better faster.  I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom.  While I was in there I dropped the toilet lid and it made a loud sound.  My hearing started to go away, I felt like I was, going to throw up, got a heat flash, and starting feeling light headed until I couldn’t see anything.  Basically I passed out, but hit the door for Gael to come in so we ended up going to the hospital.  We waited for 4 hours for blood and urine results.  Come to find out I have a throat infection and a urinary infection.  I’m still not completely sure why I passed out, but hopefully the medicine they gave me makes me feel better!  And Bless Gaels heart because he didn’t eat anything until about 4:30 in the afternoon because we woke up and went straight to the emergency room.

His mom had soup ready for me when we returned which was really nice!  After, Gael, Samuel(gaels best friend), and I walked to the pharmacy to get the medication and then to the grocery to get popsicles for my throat!  I finished the book I was reading, so now we are going to rent the movie because I wanted to read the book before I saw it! (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) Hopefully I feel better tomorrow!

Oh and yesterday night we went to this carnival near Gaels house for a little and I won Gaels little brother a mini foosball table.  I threw 3 darts into 3 separate circles :p Apparently thats hard? lol


Back To Spain!

For our flight to go to Spain we had to leave at 4 in the morning.  We stopped in Germany and then took another flight to Spain.  Once we got there we had to take a bus to the train station and then a train to Vigo, and then a bus to get near his I´m extremely lucky to have Gael through these travels because I would be lost and clueless, but it has been a great experience so far.  The end is aproaching quickly, so I´m trying to make the most of it all.

Yesterday Gaels mom made these little fish, and you had to peel the skin and eat around the She also made the rice dish that had calamari and the ink from it as the sauce.  Describing it, it sounds yucky, but it actually tasted good!

We watched the soccer game to see if Spain would make it to the final.  When they won you could hear all the people outside cheering and honking their  The final is on Sunday against Italy.  I´m not feeling very good today.  I have a sore throat and my stomach hurts, just an overall sick feeling so hopefully ill feel better soon.  Gael has a lot of homework due to summer classes, so today were just relaxing I think.  More to come soon!

Norway In A Bundle

Sorry I havent written in a while!  I started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and I couldnt put the book down until I finished it!  I spent about 10 days in Norway.  Next time I would want to spend more.  It is a very relaxing and beautiful place.  One of the days Gaels family and I went to a few museums.  We first went to this house museum where you got to see all the old houses in Norway.  It was really interesting to learn about.  After we went to the Vikings museum.  There were 3 big viking ships!  It was so cool because I had never seen one in person!  Once we finished that we went to this cute restaurant where you could also buy furniture if you wish.  Another day Gael and I went to this other museum.  It was a museum about how Norway was the first to make it to the south pole.  We got to go on the ship and everything.

For food, I went to McDonalds to see what they had.  They had something called the chicken salsa sandwich.  It had tortilla chips and some sort of sauce on it.  Gaels friends were amazed that they didnt have it in the United  There were carrots, more chicken wings, and some other sandwich that I cant remember 🙂  I also had gelato for the first time, which I am inlove with!!  I had a kebab which I believe I wrote about already.  His mom made this seafood salad too.  It had baby shrimp, crab sticks, tuna, egg, potato, peas, and green olives…it was delicious!  It was weird going from the eating schedule in Spain to the eating schedule in Norway.  In spain you eat at around 10 pm and in Norway you at at 5 pm.

Gael played soccer with his team there, so while he did that I worked out at the little gym they have there.  When I was done I was able to go out and sit on the bench and watch because Gaels dad is the coach :p

OH! The candy in Norway is so good too!  Especially the chocolate, way better than the United States!  What else… we went to an ice bar!  That was extremely cool because everything was ice.  The walls, tables, chairs, even your cups!  It was an awesome experience for sure.  Aparently there is an ice hotel too, but in Sweden I think :p  We played cards at night with his parents.  A game called the american.  I actually was pretty good at it, maybe because im american 😉  We also watched a lot of soccer because of the Eurocup.  We went to the ski jump too!  It was so BIG!!!  We were able to go up to the top and look at it all.  I would definitly never do it.haha

Also, the price of living in Norway is crazy!  For example, to get a salad from TGI Fridays it is 30 dollars.  If you live there and make the slary then it isnt too bad, but if you are visiting from a different country you would definitly have to start saving early!I´m sure there are things im forgetting about Norway, so if I remember I will post more!

The City of Oslo

Yesterday(Monday) we didn’t do too much. I haven’t found a lot of time to work out due to the all the things I’ve been doing. So yesterday I really wanted to and so did Gael. We went to where he used to practice soccer because they have a little gym there. It was really nice to work out with Gael and it just felt good! After we picked up his little brother from school and watched Gael, his brother, and his dad play a little soccer. My knee has been really hurting me so I’m trying to take it easy and not do anything to aggravate it. Once they finished the Spain game came on so we watched that of course. (Spain won!!) And that was all for Monday!
Today Gael and I woke up at 10:30 and we ate breakfast! I’ve been eating eggs with peanut butter toast or toast with cream cheese, and sometimes yogurt! I’ve tried some of the things Gael has… For example, tomato tuna on toast, a certain type of cheese on toast, and this pork spread that he loves lol. None of it was bad, but idk if I could eat it for breakfast. It would take time for me to be in the mood for that stuff in the morning. Lol Once we finished breakfast we headed down to the city with his mom and little sister Maia. We took the train, and that only takes like 15 minutes. Gael and I walked around while his mom was at the dentist. He took me to a castle which was really cool! Then down by the water where there were a lot of restaurants! Then to where he went to high school. Then to the palace where the king lives. It’s weird that they have kings :p then we walked to meet his mom for lunch. We had tai food which was good. After we headed home because Gael had practice at 5:15. While he practiced I worked out in the little gym again. I got out to the field in time to see him practice for a little too. I miss watching him play. In my eyes he is amazing, in his eyes he is rusty. After his practice we went home and I had spaghetti that tastes like 2 chefs spaghetti for anyone who has ever had it. So good!! And I also had zucchini soup! 🙂 After I showered and then Gaels like brother wanted us to tickle his back while he tried to sleep, so we did that for a while. We just got done watching the England verse Ukraine euro cup game. England won. Now we’re just relaxing on the couch 🙂
Oh one funny thing! So Gael and I have been sleeping in his brothers room and his brother has been sleeping with his parents. Every night his brother wakes up in the middle of the night and comes in and sleeps with us. Haha I think it’s so funny that he is there every morning :p
Some fun facts about Spain that I forgot to write!
– other people pump your gas for you!
– you bag your own groceries
-you don’t have to give tips really
– almost every one hang dries their clothes
I haven’t thought of any fun facts about Paris or Norway yet! :p


Saturday we didn’t really do much in Norway. It rained and I think Gael and I needed a day of nothing after the crazy days in Paris!
Sunday we went to watch Gaels little brothers soccer game. He is 5 years old so it wasn’t anything intense! Lol but it was really fun to watch. One of the kids started to read the newspaper in the middle of the field when he was supposed to be playing! Haha then a little later we went to watch gaels old soccer team play! His dad used to be a professional soccer player and is now the coach of Gaels team. They were soo good! Scored 5 goals in the first half, I was amazed! The soccer is so much better than in the US. It was just a really good game. I met all of Gaels friends there too. They were all very nice and welcoming! After, Gael me and Gaels friend Alvin went to get a kebab! Lol. They put a pita in a bowl shape and put lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onion, corn, chicken, and sauce. It’s Gaels favorite and it tasted so yummy! 🙂 They have a lot of small places around the city to get Kebabs! After we went to a girls soccer game for 20 minutes and then to one of his friends houses to watch another soccer game in the euro cup! It was a soccer filled day for sure :p All of his friends are really nice and they speak English very well which is nice! They were talking about all the things they want to do with us! Like go on a boat, go out, take a road trip to sweden, go to the museums! I’m really excited! 🙂 hopefully we get to do some of that before we leave for Spain!

Goodbye Paris

We woke up around 8:30 because we had to be out of the apartment at 9:30. We ate at the same bakery as the day before but tried different things. I tried this apple pie type thing, yogurt with strawberries, a raisin cinnamon role type thing but it wasn’t very sweet, and the apricot thing we ha yesterday! It was all really really good!! Then we took the metro to the bus station! We got our tickets and got on the 11:30 bus to go to the airport.
Once we got there we wanted to eat somewhere. The place we went to was Italian and they had a place to put our bags. But where the waitress sat us, we couldn’t see our bags. So Gael asked if we could move and she said no. So we picked up our bags to leave and then she said you can sit here. I don’t know why she wouldn’t let us move, but she was so rude. Gael got lasagna and I got pizza! They were both pretty good though!
After, we talked to our terminal and did all the check in stuff. Nothing really exciting happened after this! We got on our plane and the flight was only an hour and 30 minutes to Norway.
Once we got there, Gaels mom and little brother we waiting! His brother gave me this Norway figure which was nice! We left the airport to go home right after 🙂
Once we got home I met Gaels little sister who is about 7 months old..she is sooo cute!! I met his dad also. He speaks English but the mom doesn’t. We had different meats, cabbage, and potato for dinner. It was all delicious! His house has a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains and its very cozy yet with a modern touch! Gaels room was turned into the babies room, so we are sleeping in his brothers room. From what I’ve seen Norway is a very pretty and relaxing place and I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

Paris, Day 3

Our plan today was to get to the palace of verailles at 9:00am to avoid the lines, but we woke up at  It takes 30 minutes to get there on the metro.  We got breakfast at this bakery called Brioche D´or.  We got this pastry that was shaped in a triangle and had sugar on top and rasberry filling inside! It was so good!! We also got another croissant type thing filled with apricots!

After breakfast we went to the Palace of Versailles!  It was so big, and very beautiful!  We didnæt get to see the whole inside of the palace, but we saw certain parts.  For example, the kings room, where they hosted dinners, and more.  We went out to their garden after which is miles and miles long, but it has beautiful landscaping, fountains, and statues such as the famous horse one.

Once we left the palace we went to get some food at this spanish place near by, but it ended up being not good at all and gael got his meal for free.  The chicken was chewy and just not worth the money, so that was disappointing.  We took the metro to Notre Dame and we waited in that hour long line we tried to avoid yesterday.  We thought the tour was going to be in different parts of the church that people don’t see inside, but we ended up having to climb a million stairs just to see yet another view of  Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful!….But I wasn’t feeling the stair climbing.  After going to the top we went inside the church and it was really really pretty!  A lot of stain glass windows and a big alter.

After Gael and I decided we needed a little rest, so we got a foot long sausage sandwich to share while we toured the city more on top of the red bus.  We went around one whole time and saw things like the opera, Orsay Museum, Champs-Elyses, etc. We got out once at the arch.  I saw these two guys dancing in front of a crowd of people.  They had you clap your hands and everything.  I was loving it, but after Gael told me how people who pick pocket sometimes work with other people.  So maybe they had us clap our hands so it would be easier for the people to steal…Just a thought!  I saw the arch there and got on the bus and rode it until Notre Dame.  I got a few souvenirs and got some lemon basil sorbet to share with Gael.

Then we went to this jazz bar that gaels best friends sister works at.  We got some free drinks and listened to a live jazz band.  They were really awesome!  There we 10 people on stage playing a mixture of instruments.  For example, trumpets, saxophone, guitars, piano, drums, singers.  After we went next door to this pizza flat bread place.  It was super thin, crunchy, and so deliciousssss!! 🙂  When we finished, we walked back home and went to sleep!

P.S. Im really sorry for all the spelling errors and missed words.  Im typing fast 🙂

Paris, Day 2

Gael and I woke up around 8:30am.  Since leaving Spain I have been wanting a warm breakfast sandwich, so we decided to go to Starbucks!  They didn’t have they had cold sandwiches, muffins, pastries, and pancakes, haha the pancakes are random, I know.  I ended up getting a blueberry muffin which was good.  We walked to Notre Dame(Church).. we wanted to go inside because they was supposed to be a cool tour, but the wait was like an hour, so we decided to skip that for the day and head over to the Eiffel Tower.  And with the Paris Pass you are aloud to skip the line everywhere except Notre Dame.  Luckily the weather was good until the evening!  We wanted to go to the top, but the line was practically to the street so we decided that looking at it was enough.  We began walking to the grassy area behind the Eiffel Tower and as we were, we saw people walking up the tower and no line over there.  Gael asked the guy about it and he said you can walk up to the second floor and then take the elevator from there up to the top.  Not only that, but it was cheaper!  So we walked up to the second floor, it really wasn’t that bad of a walk.  Once we got to the top, the view was incredible!  The skies were somewhat cloudy, but you could see EVERYTHING!  For me, this was the best part of the trip, and I’m really glad we got to do it!

After, we took the red double decker bus to the Louvre(famous museum).  It was right across the street from the lockers bridge.  Incase you don’t know, it is this bridge couples put locks on to symbolize their love.  While we were there, a gypsy walked up to Gael trying to make him sign a paper.  He was saying no, but she just kept nagging him.  They were in a lot of different places.  It was weird seeing them in person instead of on that tv show my big fat gypsy wedding haha ;p We didn’t have much time at the museum because we wanted to make it to a wine tasting at 3:00 and I also wanted to get something to eat because we didn’t eat since the morning!  We got to pass the long line to get in and we saw the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and things from Egypt!

We started to walk to where the winery was.  It took awhile because we didn’t where to go, so we didn’t have time to eat…it was 3:00 and all I had eaten was a muffin in the morning and I was about to drink wine..haha!!  Apparently we had to make a reservation but they had space for us, which was good!  It was actually a really great experience.  In the beginning we had to go around and say our name and where we were from.  And these two guys(young 20s) sitting next to me were brothers from Sarasota Florida! Small world huh!  There was also a young Mexican couple in front of us that we got to know after.  It was a mini wine tasting so we tasted 3 wines.  A white, pink, and red!  The pink was my favorite! We had to look at it first, smell it, and then finally taste it.  She told us the regions they were grown in and other fun facts! I was surprised that I wasn’t drunk after the tasting lol but I was feeling a little light and giggly ;p

When it was over, Gael started to talk with the Mexican couple and we ended up going to Dinner in this latin area in Paris, but with french food also!  I had onion soup which was sweeter than normal, chicken with mushrooms, and this marsh mellow with vanilla sauce thing! haha it was all very delicious.  Oh, and I also tried duck, which was good too!  After dinner it started to rain and we went our separate ways!  Gael and I took the metro to where the boat tour was.  As we were leaving the metro a guy stopped us and tried selling us an umbrella for 10 euros.  We obviously said no.  Then gael said 3, and the guy said 5, and then another guy came over and said he would sell it for less.  We just said no and walked away in the rain.  We wanted an umbrella so we walked into a store around the corner and the umbrellas were 13 euros, so we left.  When we walked out of the store the guys was right there… Luckily, when we were in the store gael made me give him 3 euros in change to put in his pocket incase we ran into them again because I didn’t want to open my wallet there.  (I had 50 euros in there)  SO gael said 3 euros and he said yes and we walked away.  It was scary though because he followed us there! aghh! After we went on the boat tour(it was covered).  It was cool because you could see the important buildings and they had phones with each chair that explained about each one in your language!  I got a nutella and banana crepe which was yummy!

After that we went to the Montparnasse Tower.  You can go on the 56th floor and its a pretty view of the Eiffel Tower!  It was 10pm exactly when we got up there and thats when the lights turn on!  I didn’t know that it sparkles for the first 5 minutes though!  So that was a really cool thing to experience, very pretty!  After, we took the metro near our house and went to McDonalds because I wanted to see what was different there!  They had burger paninis and fruit mcflurrys! lol  We brought the food back to our apartment, ate, and then passed out! 🙂  It was a very busy day, and so was the next..!

Paris, Day 1

Tuesday morning we left the house to go to the airport in Portugal because that is where the company(Ryanair) flies out of!  I attempted to wear high heels to the airport to create more room in my suit case, but they ended up giving me a bubble on my pinky toe :p Gael and I ordered a panini on the plane because we were starving.  It costed 5 Euros and it came with one piece of ham on it. haha  It was an hour and 50 minute flight and when we got to the airport we had to take an hour long bus ride to Paris, which I was fine with because I slept!  Once we arrived Gael and I took the metro to our apartment.  The apartment was on the top floor and it was the size of my room at It was veryy old, but we were only sleeping there so its all we needed.  The kitchen was across the hall and the bathroom was down the hall.  It was weird because there were other people living on the floor.

After we got settled in we ate at this fast food restaurant called Quick.  Kinda like McDonalds, but different.  I got a salad that had pears, chicken, and some sort of cheese in it.  We had to find where to pick up our Paris Pass.  The Paris Pass is a pass you have for 2 days, and you get unlimited use of the metro, bus, double decker bus, free entry into all museums, and basically everything that is in the book that is given to you.  We eventually found the place and decided to take a taxi to this church(Sacre-coer I believe its called.)  We got out of the Taxi early because the driver was taking random streets to make more money, so we stopped in front of Moulin Rouge, which was really cool to see!  It costs 100 Euros to see the show though, so we couldn’t do that lol

We walked to rest of the way to the church and it was so beautiful!  It said not to take pictures inside, but I took a few because I wanted to show my dad, but then I felt really bad and deleted  After looking in the church, we went up on the very top and saw all of Paris.  Unfortunately, The weather was really bad… raining and you couldn’t see much, but it was still very cool!  After we ate at this steak house place because it was the first thing we saw and it was raining. I got chicken fajitas and gael got chicken and potatoes.  So american I know! lol  We then took the Metro back to our apartment, and it was very cold to be summer!

After the first day I was a little scared of Paris because it was very gloomy and some of the people were scary, especially in the metro areas.  I haven’t been in many cities, so it was different than what Im used to.  BUT, I have never seen buildings so beautiful in my life.  Everything there was absolutely incredible!  The detail in each building was incredible!

Will try to continue to write more, I am in Norway now!! 🙂 SO PRETTY!

Day Before Paris

Yesterday Gael, me, Diego, and Ana went to this Tappas restaurant near Diegos apartment.  We ate spanish omelet, calamari, pork, chicken, and octopus.  I was scared to try the octopus, but it ended tasting pretty good…I just can’t get the picture of an octopus out of my After that we went to see Diegos apartment.  It is about 25 minutes away from Vigo and their jobs are in Vigo, so that is why they don’t stay there right now.  But the apartment is absolutely beautiful with mountain views!  Then we went back to Vigo and watched a soccer game, played wii, did zumba, and attempted insanity but the people next door were getting mad so we had to stop after 3 minutes.

Oh! And I once again failed to wake up before 12:30

Today I woke up at 11!!  I had some breakfast, but then I laid and bed and accidentally fell asleep again 😛 oooops!  After I woke up Gael and I went to the park outside of his house and played on the swings and jungle gym haha  Then we came back to his house and ate lunch.  We had salad[lettuce, tomato, olives, tuna, oil, & balsamic vinegar(never any other dressing)], chicken with zucchini and peppers, and these big mushrooms that I didn’t like because the texture made me want to A little later I went to meet one of gaels uncles and his kids..They were SO cute!  We went to get some food, which was delicious as always.  Spanish omelet, calamari, etc.  After Gaels friend Eva picked us up and we went to one of the coffee places by gaels house!  She was really nice and funny!  It’s now 11:30 at night and gael says we have to go to his other uncles house to print our boarding passes.  So we all go there and the place smells like smoke so bad! And since I was allergic I had my face hanging out the window a lot of the time :p

We are finally back home and I packed my suit case for Paris and am super excited to see another country!! We leave the house at 7am and get to Paris at 1:00pm.  We will be there for 3 nights and we’re renting a studio apartment right in the middle of the city, so I’m very excited! 🙂

Here’s a fun fact:  Almost every singe car in Vigo is a hatch back.  🙂

Love and miss you all!  Will write again once I’m in Norway! Ciao <–It’s what they all say